M. Schonckert, Bar Attorney-in-law in Luxemburg since 1986, quickly gained reputation both as a litigant and a council lawyer.

Both his experience and his interdisciplinary nature allow him to offer his clients a wide range of services in areas such as construction, immovable assets, social, family matters, penal, commercial, etc.

Well established in Luxemburg’s microcosm, he not only councils Luxembourg-based firms’ activities beyond borders but also allows border countries to develop their activities in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg.

Knowing the limits of the judiciary system allows him to work efficiently and offer each one of his clients a tailor-made solution with added-value whilst remaining a human size office.

He’s participating for many years now to the development of civil and commercial mediation in Luxemburg with an evident success.

It takes two of us to discover truth:
one to utter it and
one to understand it.